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    Bachelors Degree
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    Self Employed
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    Yes, living with me


With All Due Respect to you.
Before we start, 
Because lots of scammers n fake profiles here

unless identity confirmed.

My whatsaap- 91 9867310824
I m in OHIO presently.

No waste of time please. I m seriously looking.

About me :

I m 49
Married and about to separate. Have a son 18 ,

Been Here in sidney Ohio since November 2018 for 3 months till 18th February 2019 , now in mumbai, india. Was on a visit, this was my 4 visit in last 3 yrs.

freelance trainer - products, process and behavior for a company in india.

My visits to USA were to get some contracts for my business.
after 3 long visits it is not fruitful. business in India not good. and just givings training is not sufficient. So Decided to get married and settle in usa. Want to take a fresh start in life.

I m Decent, sincer, Honest, approachable, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, have some principles, Ethical, treasures values n morals.soft spokan n peaceful , i do not demand, but comand respect. A thinker . Smiling.
Live with dignity n simplicity. Laugh n live with blissfulness. Like to bring smiles to others.

I like Reading, traveling, music, animals,being in the nature.
Like watching movies n selected shows on watching or reading to my interesting sibjects.
Like to be with friends n chat.

very few n selected close friends.
A good motivator , its a part of my life, discuss on issues before coming to conclusion, Like healthy sensible arguments.
Normally take life as ir comes, Desirous, ambitious. Spontaneous,. Alwaus Try getting better.
Sensitive . Emotional at times but mostly practical.i belive in earn and spend and Have dignity n respect.

Overall I am optimistic, friendly, humorous at times,
Due to some past bitter experiences trying to learn being little selfish in life, i know its difficult for me. hope i learn it well.☺

Habits : I m a vegetarian
I Dont Drink alcohol
I smoke cigarette
A Decent , Honest, trustworthy, simple n smiling man with a resonable brain on sholders.

I belong to the patel community in state of gujarat in india, educated n brought up in Mumbai city.

What I am looking for


interested lady have nothing to fear from me if she is decent.

What I am looking for

One who is Decent, friendly, thoughtful, supportive, softspoken,independent, a thinker cheerful,career oriented, caring, respectable, Honest and who has a big heart.DECENT.

not selfish, one who like humour, likes friendly discussion
who walks the talk. Care for others.

If both of us find it a match, looking to get married.

There is more i feel to be addressed n discuss but i think this is not a place , we can wait till chat n meet.