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"When life throws you a lemon, find someone to whom life has thrown vodka, and have a party." (Unknown) Besides, life is too short to wallow in self pity; find the silver lining, and look for the rainbow - there always is one if you look hard enough. Life is short, so have dessert first!
ElementarySchool: Fresno Adventist Academy
Music: Broadway Musical cast recordings (showtunes) ABBA, Depeche Mode, Eurasure, Duran Duran, Savage Garden, Tina Turner, almost anything 80's, and the obvious: Cher, Barbra, Bette, and of course Judy! And most of all The Carpenters.
TV: CSI-Las Vegas, Miami, New York; Law and Order: SVU and CI; The History Channel, Animal Planet, and sometimes Fox News to keep up with what's happening in the World.
Books: Anything historical, biographical, theatrical, or political. Also love any of the Ann Rice series, some sci-fi, but mostly romantic/historical novels and also poetry and philosophy.
Sports: I am not a big sports fan, but I love NASCAR (Jeff Gordon), Figure Skating (yes it IS considered a sport), and I love both the Winter and Summer Olympics!
Movies: All-time favorite actors: Montgomery Clift, and Elizabeth Taylor! I love the movies of the Golden Age of Hollywood. I also love any of the Audry Hepburn movies, and of course the James Bond Franchise! Basically anything that is historical, romantic, or thrilling with at least some semblence of a plot and character development!
BestFeatures: my eyes, and my personality (so I've been told) I think my best feature is my willingness to embrace and live life to its fullest!
Dreams: I am living my dream as a working actor on the live stage! Writing and directing my own productions, teaching acting, and living life are my dreams. I also deam of finding that perfect somebody with which to share my life, and that is a dream I am pursuing.

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